Tesla Premium Connectivity Yearly Plan? ‘Great Idea’ Says Elon Musk

Tesla currently charges $9.99 USD per month for its Premium Connectivity plan, which offers mobile network access inside its vehicles.

The paid connectivity plan offers live traffic, satellite view maps, video streaming, caraoke, music streaming and internet browser access when outside of Wi-Fi networks.

Now, it appears Tesla may be considering a yearly plan for Premium Connectivity, to allow owners to save a few bucks.

When Tesla owner Zack (@BLKMDL3) asked Elon Musk on Thursday, “can we get a yearly plan for premium connectivity? Something like offering a plan at $99 a year vs $9.99/month. Would be a great addition,” the electric automaker CEO replied with “great idea.”

Now, that’s not exactly a confirmation a yearly plan for Premium Connectivity is coming, but it appears to be in the sights of Musk and may appear at some future date.

Back in October, Tesla moved its Premium Connectivity trial to 30 days for the Model 3 and Model Y, when previously Long Range and Performance versions of these cars would get 1 year for free.

Last month, Tesla started rolling out its in-car Premium Connectivity subscriptions, allowing owners to subscribe right inside cars instead of via the company’s mobile app.