First Look: Sonic the Hedgehog in Tesla Arcade

Sonic hedgehog tesla 1

Tesla’s 2021 holiday update has been released in limited form, and one Model 3 Standard Range owner known as ‘Emulsifide’ continues to share images of the new update.

On Wednesday evening, the Tesla owner shared the first images of Sonic the Hedgehog within Tesla Arcade, to Discord.

Sonic hedgehog tesla 2

As for the gaming experience with Sonic the Hedgehog, ‘Emulsifide’ said the frame rate is similar to the original game, “but it’s skipping frames.” He also said the sound is “about 100ms behind the game itself,” while adding controls are perfect, but a gaming controller is required.

Elon Musk announced today the 2021 holiday update is expected to roll out on Thursday or Friday, pending issues. The Tesla CEO first announced the Sonic the Hedgehog deal earlier this month.