NYPD Wants to Order Up to 250 Tesla Model 3 Cars for $12.6 Million

Tesla Model 3 Police Vehicle in the UK

After we reported on a public hearing notice revealing New York City’s plans to purchase a $12.36 million USD Tesla Model 3 fleet, new updates show that the city is looking to equip its police department with the fleet.

The New York City Police Department is considering buying a fleet of up to 250 Tesla Model 3 units, according to procurement documents seen by Bloomberg on Wednesday.

If approved following a public hearing on Thursday, the fleet would mark both the largest and most expensive Tesla police fleet yet, owned by the largest police department in the U.S.

The police department is expected to pay $51,940 USD per Tesla Model 3 unit, with the vehicles likely well-outfitted for use as a patrol car, and valued at a total of up to $12.6 million USD, according to the procurement documents.

As the federal government sets goals to move to electric vehicles (EVs), many other police departments around the country are buying EVs to reduce gas maintenance costs.

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Fremont, California’s police department also deployed a Tesla Model Y patrol car earlier this year, following a successful 2019 pilot program with a Tesla Model S.

After the pilot, Fremont Police Department Captain Sean Washington emphasized the cost-effectiveness of the program, saying, “The final results from the one-year Electric Patrol Vehicle Pilot Program have been encouraging as the City of Fremont continues to look for cost-effective ways to help make Fremont more sustainable.”