Tesla Leads EV Registrations in New South Wales, Australia

New South Wales (NSW) has the highest population of any Australian state, and a new report shows that the region has now passed an important landmark on its way to mainstream electric vehicle (EV) adoption.

NSW has surpassed a milestone of over 10,000 battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) registered in the state, according to The Driven.

Newly- released data from the NSW transport department shows that a total of 10,026 BEVs have been registered for road use, landing BEVs a total of 2.7 percent market share in the state. 6,144 (61 percent) of the BEV units are also Tesla vehicles.

Photo: The Driven

The data measures registrations through September 2021, the same month that new EV rebates and waivers were introduced offering up to a $3,000 CAD credit for the purchase of an EV.

In 2021 alone through September, NSW has seen 3,650 new BEVs registered, of which 2,636 were Tesla vehicles.

These incentives will be capped at 20,000 vehicle purchases total, and the current quarter is the first time NSW drivers can use the programs.

Australia’s first V3 versions of Tesla’s Superchargers just opened earlier this year, and while the number of EV drivers still has a long way to go, Tesla will also need to continue expanding the charging infrastructure to accommodate the growing EV population.