Ford Increases Mustang Mach-E Prices by Up to $2,000


Mustang Mach-E, courtesy of Ford

After being affected by the ongoing semiconductor chip shortage throughout this year, Ford has announced increases to the prices of various trims and model variants for its flagship electric vehicle (EV).

Ford is increasing prices across its Mustang Mach-E variants, with prices increasing from $1,000 to $2,000 USD per model, according to the company’s online order configurator, with the new prices spotted by Autoblog.

The price increases vary a little from model to model and trim to trim, but those that haven’t already preordered their units will be subject to the price increases, which can be seen as organized by variant and trim type below.

$1,000 Increases to starting price

  • RWD Select – $44,995
  • AWD Select – $47,695
  • RWD Premium – $50,200
  • AWD Premium – $52,900

$2,000 increases to starting price

  • RWD Premium Extended Range Battery option – $56,200
  • AWD Premium Extended Range Battery option – $58,900
  • RWD California Route 1 – 53,875
  • AWD California Route 1 – 56,575
  • GT – $63,095
  • GT Performance – 69,095

Still, even Ford’s most direct competitor Tesla is known for increasing its prices on an ongoing basis, eventually adding up to more than $2,000 USD in most places throughout the world.

Earlier this year, Ford also recalled a total of 17,000 Mustang Mach-E units over failing adhesive on the vehicles’ rooves and windshields.

In May, Ford also announced plans to boost its investment into EVs to $30 billion USD by 2025, following its unveiling of the Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck model.