Tesla Opens First Puerto Rico Showroom in San Juan at Plaza Las Américas

Photo: El Nuevo Dia

After establishing the first V3 Tesla Supercharger Puerto Rico in Aguadilla, Tesla has officially opened a physical store space in the region’s largest city.

Tesla has opened its first store and showroom in Puerto Rico, located in San Juan at the Plaza Las Américas shopping center, according to a report from El Nuevo Dia (via @Sawyer Merritt).

The Tesla store is located in a roughly 2,500-square-foot commercial space near the Galería shoe store, as well as between a JCPenney and a Macy’s.

Translated from Spanish, the President of the Puerto Rico Tesla Owners Club Javier Rodríguez said, “That will give you the opportunity to get to know the vehicle because a lot of people still don’t know what Tesla is.”

Rodríguez continued, “When people are in the Plaza, they will arrive there and find that they can order the vehicle online and choose it to their liking. They set it up and separate it. They can choose the design, color, model and the range that you want.”

In addition to letting customers pick out their vehicles, the Puerto Rico store also displays solar panels and its energy storage batteries in the store, as seen in a Facebook post.

Tesla currently has about 918 vehicles throughout Puerto Rico, according to data from the Department of Transportation and Public Works (DTOP).