Tesla Setting Up Works Council at Giga Berlin Concerns Germany’s Largest Union



Tesla is inching closer to achieving final approval for its Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg in Grünheide, and in a new update, the company is seeking the election of a new works council – but not without some concerns.

Tesla is looking to set up a works council in Germany, though it’s apparently causing representational concerns for the country’s largest union, IG Metall, according to Automotive News Europe.

According to IG Metall, seven non-union Tesla employees called a meeting on Monday to discuss picking out a committee to hold elections for a works council, which would remain in that position for two years minimum.

Tesla setting up a works council so soon risks being unrepresentative of the company as a whole, said IG Metall, also explaining that the vast majority of currently-hired works are middle and upper management positions.

Still, the works council is supposed to be dedicated to employees across the company hierarchy for the utmost fairness.

Head of IG Metall’s Berlin-Brandenburg-Saxony Office Birgit Dietze said, “We’re happy there’s been a starting shot.” Dietze continued, “What is important is that the workers’ council is really there for all employees … for us it’s a little too soon.”

German labor laws also hold that employees are required to be at a company for more than six months before gaining the ability to run in a works council election.


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