Tesla Model 3 in Europe Gets New Tail Lights [PICS]



Photo: @raffaeru

Along with Tesla’s newest generation of rear lights staying on after a driver exits the vehicle, one Tesla owner has screenshotted two side-by-side Tesla models from last year and this year to pick out the differences between the Model 3’s rear lights.

On Tuesday, @raffaeru shared a photo depicting a Shanghai-built Tesla Model 3 made in 2021 side-by-side with a U.S.-built Model 3 produced in 2020 to show the differences between each model’s brake lights for Europe.

The main takeaways Raffael points out are the larger indicators included on the new model, as well as dual-reversing fog lights and an outer light arch that acts as a brake light.

Photo: @raffaeru

Overall, the new Model 3 rear lights offer a more robust brake light and turn signal, as well as increased contrast between the light’s different colors, included for different signal and light types.

We can also see the amber turn signal Tesla added to the Model Y’s tail lights as recently as last year, with the update to last generation’s rear lights – which the company has doubled down on in this generation’s update, by making the signal longer.

Photo: @raffaeru

Earlier this year, Tesla also debuted a new adaptive front lighting system (AFS) with the release of the Model S Plaid.


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