Polestar Precept Teased as the Polestar 5, Coming in 2024 [VIDEO]

Photo: Polestar

After announcing plans earlier this year to launch Polestar in nine new markets across the world in 2021, Polestar is sharing more about its exterior design process in a new series.

On Tuesday, Geely and Volvo-owned Polestar shared a new episode from a series of design and concept videos called “From Concept to Car,” and the recent episode discusses the company’s approach to exterior design.

In the video, Polestar’s Exterior Design Manager Nahum Escobedo talks about his process, including the fact that he avoids looking at cars when beginning the design process – so as to not “lock [oneself] into a corner,” design-wise.

Escobedo goes on to explain how his inspiration comes from a variety of other products like radios, cameras and airplanes, as well as other things like architecture.

In the video, Escobedo said, “When we got to the Precept, it’s very, very close from the sketching of the idea to the concept, and then now from the concept to the production, I think we are very, very close to that idea.”

Earlier this year, Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath said the Precept was set to start production, though delivery dates and pricing still have yet to be announced – though the recent set of teaser videos probably means it’s getting close.

YouTube video

The Polestar Precept will debut in 2024 as the Polestar 5, quite a few years away from now.