Here’s How Tesla’s ‘Add Stop’ Waypoints Navigation Feature Works [VIDEO]



Photo: Tesla Owners Online

After years of the feature being requested, Tesla has finally expanded Waypoints to navigation in Canada in the recent software update version 2021.40.6, and a new video details how waypoints work.

Waypoints first hit the USA earlier this month with software update 2021.40.5.

A new video from Tesla Owners Online shows the Waypoint navigation feature in use, using a command called “Add Stop,” which simply allows users to add new pins within their navigation destinations.

With the ability to add stops during navigation, users won’t have to create separate trips from destination to destination, but can rather create a single trip with multiple destinations in sequence.

In the video, the host shows the release notes from the recent 2021.40.6 update including the description of the feature, then goes on to show how stops can be added in a given navigation session.

One flaw the video points it is that, once stops are added, there’s no real way to move or rearrange their order, nor is there a way to remove stops other than starting a new –  which the host says he hopes is added in a future update.

The Tesla Waypoint feature was confirmed by Elon Musk earlier this year, and now it is starting to roll out to users who are getting 2021.40.6 in Canada and beyond.

The Waypoint feature was also discovered by a hacker in December 2020, hinting that Tesla was already working on the feature.

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