Tesla Exec Dismisses Rumors of Second Gigafactory in Qingdao, China



Photo: @JayinShanghai

Tesla saw record deliveries in China in September, and as demand for Tesla vehicles continues to grow in the world’s largest auto market, the company is apparently looking to construct a new factory outside of Shanghai – though apparently not where some are expecting.

After a rumor of Tesla’s alleged plans to build a second Gigafactory in Qingdao, China surfaced online, one Tesla executive dismissed the rumor on Wednesday, saying the location information was “not true,” according to a statement on Weibo (via CNEVPost).

On Weibo, Tesla China’s Vice President of External Affairs Grace Tao wrote, “We have recently received many media inquiries about a second factory (for Tesla in China), and I’m sorry I can’t respond to them all. The current information on the internet about the location of Tesla’s second factory is not true, thanks to all those who care and support Tesla’s development.”

The report said Tesla was looking at Qingdao, Shandong as a potential site, and had been in contact with government officials in Qingdao, though it’s unclear as to whether the city could still be a possibility for future discussions or not.


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