Tesla Increases Price of Model 3 in Canada Again, Delivery Dates Hit June 2022

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Tesla is back at it again with prices increases in Canada, this time for the entry Model 3 Standard Range Plus in Pearl White Multi-Coat and 18-inch Aero Wheels.

Last night, Tesla increased the starting price from $54,990 CAD to $56,380 CAD, an increase of $1,390 CAD. Estimated delivery dates for the cheapest Model 3 in Canada now is showing a date of September 2022—a mere 11 months from now.

The price increase was noticed last night by Ben Si from the Tesla Model 3 Canadian Group on Facebook.

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If you take the $56,380 price, subtract $1,280 for delivery and $100 air conditioning fee and $10 OMVIC fee, the price Tesla has set is just $10 below the federal EV rebate limit of $55,000 CAD. Clever girl (Jurassic Park velociraptor scene voice).

This price increase comes two weeks after Tesla had bumped the entry Model 3 price from $52,990 to $54,990 CAD, a jump of $2,000. Add in this latest price increase and that’s a $3,390 CAD change in 14 days.

Tesla also recently increased the price of the Model Y in Canada by $4,000, and Model S/X by $8,000 CAD.

Tesla’s strategic pricing now moves the Standard Range Plus towards the Long Range, a difference of $8,610 CAD. That configuration is showing an estimated delivery date of December 2021. The Performance is showing delivery for November 2021.