Tesla FSD Beta 10.3.1 Test Drive: Orlando Airport Construction Zone [VIDEO]



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Tesla Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta 10.3.1 beta tester Chuck Cook has shared a new video of his experience with the electric automaker’s latest version of its test software.

Cook’s latest video drives his Tesla running FSD beta 10.3.1 through an Orlando Airport construction zone. He also tests the car against a blinking yellow left and waits to see what FSD beta 10.3.1 will do.

Vision-based FSD beta handles a scenario where the map was wrong, but the reality was a new roundabout. The car is able to navigate the roundabout and take the proper exit, all through vision.

The numerous construction cones and odd layout of lines push FSD beta 10.3.1 to the limits. Cook has to take over in several situations but overall, it’s a tricky situation for FSD beta 10.3.1 to handle. The car tries to jump across some barrels as it wants to turn right and overall, it’s a good look at how the car is handling a complex construction zone.

Tesla issued FSD beta 10.3 on the weekend, but quickly pulled it due to some issues for testers, and instead pushed a regular non-FSD build to owners instead.

Despite some complaints, Tesla was able to push out FSD beta 10.3.1 in less than 24 hours, as the company’s Autopilot engineers worked non-stop to release the update.

“Sorry to Tesla beta users for the trouble! Issue turned out to be power saving mode interacting with FSD,” explained CEO Elon Musk on Monday.

“Our internal QA fleet didn’t see this, because cars are constantly in use, so very rarely enter power saving mode. Internal QA will obv test this case going forward,” added Musk, before thanking the Tesla Autopilot engineering and AQ teams for “working round the clock” to fix the problem.


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