Tesla 2021.36.5.3 Software Update, Brings FSD Beta 10.3.1 in Less Than 24 Hours



Tesla has released its 2021.36.5.3 software update, bringing with it Full Self-Driving beta 10.3.

The release comes less than 24 hours after Tesla removed FSD beta 10.3 due to bugs related to Autopilot. Tesla then reverted all FSD beta testers to a production build, which removed FSD beta altogether in a temporary move.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced at 3:02am PDT “10.3.1 rolling out now”, much to the surprise of beta testers. It’s clear the Autopilot team was working hard to introduce a fix so quickly.

According to @Teslascope, the electric automaker’s 2021.36.5.3 software update, containing FSD 10.3.1 was detected just over 30 minutes after Musk had announced it was coming.

FSD beta 10.3.1 appears to be rolling out slowly, but should ramp out quickly once beta testers start installing the latest software update on their vehicles.

Tesla is again showing its agility by being able to work quickly to release this software update to address FSD beta bugs, a turnaround of less than 24 hours.

…updates to follow

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