Tesla’s German Customers Get Access to Octopus Energy Power Service

Tesla has launched its Virtual Power Plant in Victoria, Australia last month, and now another company is offering similar services for Tesla Powerwall owners in Germany.

On Monday, the German arm of the British electricity provider Octopus Energy unveiled a new program in which it will offer top-up power supply to households with rooftop solar and a Powerwall, according to Reuters.

The program lets users use Octopus as a backup power supply with 100 percent renewable energy when the solar and Powerwall units run out of usable charge.

“The prices guarantee protects customers in the Tesla tariff from further price increases,” said Octopus of the new launch.

Most Octopus customers will pay a flat fee of 3 euros ($3.48 USD) a month for the service, with two years of the service guaranteed. In doing so, customers can also avoid being charged by other retail electricity providers for both overheads and profits.

In a statement about the company’s pricing model, Octopus CEO Andrew Mack said, “We want to show regulators what is already possible, so that the German power market gets moving.”

Electricity prices have been surging this year due to a number of causes, including low levels of winds for wind-power generation and newly-updated European carbon policies, which have affected a number of electricity buyers worldwide – with the United Kingdom being hit harder than most.