Tesla Model 3: Fastest-Selling Used Car in the U.S. in September



Photo: iSeeCars (via InsideEVs)

Last year, it was posited that the Tesla Model 3 value held up better in used markets than small luxury cars, and a new report both confirms this information and shows that the Model 3 is the U.S.’s most popular used car, as of the last four months.

For the fourth consecutive month, the Tesla Model 3 landed a spot as the fastest-selling used car in September, according to a report from iSeeCars (via InsideEVs).

Taking just an average of 16 days to sell, according to the report, the used Tesla Model 3 has outsold fellow competitors, including the rest of the top 5 made up of the Mitsubishi Outlander (19.7 days to sell), the Toyota Prius (20.7 days to sell), the Honda Insight (21.2 days to sell) and the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross (21.7 days to sell).

On average, the report assumed that used cars took 32.8 days to sell, going for an average of $30,860 USD. While the Tesla Model 3 sold for an average price of $47,453, others sold for less than half – with the exception of the number 9 spot Tesla Model X, which sold for an average of $80,636 USD.

The Tesla Model 3 was also rated by iSeeCars last year, and was once again considered the fastest-selling used car on the market – though it previously saw an average sale time of 29.3 days to sell.

With Tesla affected by the global semiconductor shortage, plus pressure on the parts supply chain, delivery estimate times for Model 3, Model Y and more have spilled into early 2022.

Many Tesla owners have chimed in on social media, noting they were able to sell their used vehicles for the same price or near to what they paid for, due to the heavy demand for used cars and Teslas in general. It’s a seller’s market right now and even moreso if you have a Tesla. But if you sell your Tesla, you’ll have a long wait for a replacement. However, money talks sometimes, right?


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