China’s Xpeng Motors Rolls 100,000th Car Off Production Line



Photo: Xpeng (via @JayinShanghai)

Xpeng Motors, NIO and Li Auto all saw a delivery surge in September with NIO taking the top spot, though Xpeng has just surpassed an exciting milestone, not long after NIO reached the same one.

@JayinShanghai pointed out that Xpeng Motors rolled its 100,000th vehicle off of the production line on Sunday, just months after NIO celebrated its 100,000th vehicle rolling off the production line on April 1 – just under six months ago.

Photo: NIO (via @JayinShanghai)

Xpeng also filed to go public last August, also receiving a $76 million investment from the Chinese government in March.

Despite Xpeng, NIO and Li Auto all having seen growth slowed by an ongoing chip shortage, each of the companies is holding their own given the circumstances.

One analyst called Xpeng and NIO Tesla’s best rivals for global market share, months before NIO entering the Norwegian market this month to rival both Tesla and Volkswagen.

This month, NIO owners surpassed a total of over 3 billion kilometers of total driving, with the company sharing a celebratory post regarding the milestone.

NIO also surpassed 500 battery swap stations in China last month, with a grand total of 4 million battery swaps having taken place to date.

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