NIO Owners Surpass Over 3 Billion Kilometers of Total Driving

Photo: NIO (via CNEVPost)

On Monday, NIO announced its drivers had reached a total of over 3 billion kilometers (1.86 billion miles) driven by its drivers, according to CNEVPost.

The company also said that there were shorter intervals between each billion milestone, saying it took 846 days for drivers to reach the first billion, with 229 between the first and second billion and just 147 days between the second and third billion.

NIO has 86,760 users as included in the data, which the company says are tending to drive an average of over 55 kilometers (34.1 miles) per day.

The environmental implications for these kilometers driven can be reflected in carbon emissions saved from driving gas cars – with NIO drivers having cumulatively saved about 197,225 tons of carbon emissions, or roughly the amount that a half-million square foot forest would remove from the air over the course of a year.

NIO also said on Monday its vehicles have begun to appear in Norway, after the company announced plans to enter the highly EV-friendly country in May.

NIO delivered a record 10,628 units in September, and the company also celebrated 500 battery swap stations across China with 4 million total swaps just last week.