Tesla 2021.32.21 Software Update is the First for Many New Model 3/Y Owners



2021 32 21 tesla update

Earlier this week, Tesla released its 2021.32.21 software update, but for some recent new Model 3 and Model Y owners, they didn’t receive anything, until today.

We can confirm today was indeed one of the first software updates received for new Tesla owners, as noted by Tesla North readers. One owner James shared screenshots of their 2021.32.21 install, after coming from the factory software version 2021.11.102. The installation went smoothly, despite a slight pause at the 60% mark, but after some patience, it installed smoothly.

As for 2021.32.21 release notes, we found out earlier this week they mentioned audio improvements, specifically Immersive Sound gaining an ‘auto’ setting.

One Reddit user, u/CapinWinky, has been tracking the lack of first software updates for new Tesla owners, specifically Model 3 and Model Y. It appears today was a big day for “tens of thousands” of owners as they received their first update.

“That’s everyone with 2021.3.104, 105, 106.x 107, 2021.11.101, 102.x, 103, etc with deliveries from mid July to present. Even the prior wave of cars that had been on 2021.21.x for a while are getting it,” explained the user. Some owners saw 70 days pass before receiving today’s 2021.32.21 software update.

Did you get the 2021.32.21 software update today for your Tesla–and was it your first time (for a Tesla software update…)?


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