Tesla 2021.32.21 Software Update Rolling Out: What’s New



Tesla has started rolling out its 2021.32.21 software update, detected for customers in Europe, the U.S., Saudi Arabia and more, according to @Teslascope.

These owners were previously on 2021.32.20.1, 2021.32.10, 2021.21.3, 2021.4.21.3 and more.

What’s new in Tesla’s 2021.32.21 software update? According to @MikeMcNeil1, the release notes mention ‘Immersive Sound’, which we’ve seen in other updates as well.

“Immersive Sound now has additional granularity along with an AUTO setting which will adjust based on the type of content playing. To access, tap Media > Audio Settings > Immersive Sound > AUTO”, explains the update notes.

Let us know if you are getting the 2021.32.21 software update in your Tesla right now.

Tesla is expected to release its Full Self-Driving beta ‘button’ tonight at midnight PDT, which will allow those that purchased FSD in the United States to get on a list to try the software’s beta version, after passing a test of their driving behavior.


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