Tesla 2021.24.17 Software Update: FSD Beta 10.1 Download and Release Notes

Fsd beta 10 1 release notes

Image via @tesla_raj

As promised, Tesla has released Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta 10.1 on Saturday night, after delaying it by one day.

According to the 2021.24.17 software update release notes, as shared by @Tesla_Raj, we can see what’s new in FSD beta 10.1 below:

The release notes detail Autopilot improvements to FSD beta, along with driving visualization improvements and cabin camera updates as well.

Lots of early testers with access to FSD beta 10.1, including James Locke (@arctechinc), are set to test the latest update and share videos to YouTube. According to Locke, FSD beta 10.1 comes in at a 2.9GB download.

Yesterday, Tesla released its 2021.32.22 software update, which contains the new FSD beta button, to allow for the first time public access (those that paid $10,000 USD for FSD) to the limited release software, but only if their ‘Safety Score’ meets the company’s strict requirements.