Tesla Model Y Impresses in ‘Moose Test’ Evasion Maneuver [VIDEO]



Photo: km77.com

Another publication has acknowledged the Tesla Model Y’s superior handling during a series of swerve tests, as captured on video.

In a video shared by km77.com, the publication used a Tesla Model Y to conduct what it calls “Maniobra de Esquiva y Eslalon,” or in English, the “Dodge and Slalom Maneuver” – also known as the “Moose Test,” due to the shape made by the vehicle’s path.

According to the publication, the Model Y is “one of the best cars” they’ve performed the test with.

In the video, we can see the Model Y’s slight drift during a series of swerve reactions, before it recovers time and time again, setting its course on track again.

Part of the success of the Tesla Model Y in this swerve test is its regenerative braking, which automatically adapts to the user and to the road conditions, while also turning on the brake lights the moment the driver lifts their foot from the accelerator, as the news team explains.

You can watch the full video below, and while it is in Spanish, it also gives the user the option to use English subtitles when watching.

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