Tesla Explains How its Glass Technology is Made [VIDEO]

Photo: The Kilowatts

Tesla’s glass is known for being extremely safe, but how does it make the in-cabin experience feel so quiet, even on busy, noisy highway roads?

A new video shared by the electric automaker on Thursday explains how Tesla’s glass makes the cabin so quiet in the company’s vehicles.

The nearly 2 minute video takes viewers behind the scenes at Tesla’s Los Angeles Glass Technology Center in California, where the company makes glass prototypes for its vehicles.

Tesla engineer Mike explains, “We spend a ton of time making sure that each glass position is the right curvature, is the right size and shape in order to give that seamless approach.”

Continuing, Mike says, “One of the coolest things that we’ve done is incorporate acoustic side-laminated drops across every vehicle at Tesla.”

Describing the acoustic side-laminated drops, Mike says they create a “glass sandwich” on Tesla’s windows, with an acoustic-dampening layer in the middle that makes it sound much quieter inside than it might in a normal car. The video also breaks down how the glass team works closely with Tesla’s Autopilot crew to ensure an authentic view for the Tesla vehicles’ many cameras and sensors.

Check out the video below–it’s pretty awesome:

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