Sirius XM Added to Tesla Model S Refresh in 2021.32.10 Software Update



Photo: u/Muted-Writing6364

Following the rollout of Tesla’s 2021.32.10 software update this and last week, Tesla has added support for access to satellite XM radio through a new onboard app.

Tesla’s recent 2021.32.10 software update includes access to SiriusXM radio for the owner of one refreshed Model S owner, according to a post shared on Reddit.

While certain Model S and X models did already include access to a SiriusXM radio app, the recent update seems to have added the feature to other refreshed models and Model 3/Y units that didn’t previously have it – perhaps as part of a larger process to streamline and unify Tesla’s overall options for listening.

XM radio stations like SiriusXM use satellite for radio play, so some users find them more reliable than traditional AM or FM radio stations. Teslas also include hardware to support these satellite stations, though accessibility has only become available for some in this update.

Last year, Tesla launched a SiriusXM free trial with its newly-designed (at the time) interface, prior to Tesla’s release of the refreshed Model S and X, as well as the release of the Model S Plaid.

Infotainment upgrades for old Model S and X units from before March 2018 also kicked AM, FM and XM radio users off for a period of time – though the company did say it would eventually update the new infotainment systems with an upgrade supporting SiriusXM radio once again, as well as AM and FM radios.


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