Tesla 2021.24.11 Software Update Rolling Out



Tesla has started rolling out its 2021.24.11 software update, detected on a Model Y in California. This update comes after 2021.24.10 was released just five days ago.

What’s new in Tesla’s 2021.24.11 software update? According to Raul x, he replied to @Teslascope to say, “Just installed and I don’t see anything new in the release notes.”

So in other words, the 2021.24.11 release notes should again note the following changes (as seen in 2021.24.10):

  • Disney+
  • Car Wash Mode
  • Mirror Auto Dim
  • Dashcam Improvements
  • Range Display
  • Remain Connected to Wi-Fi in Drive
  • New Language Support

Let us know if you’re seeing Tesla’s 2021.24.11 software update hit your car.

On a side note, if all goes to plan, Tesla should be releasing Full Self-Driving beta version 10 in the next 30 minutes.

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