Tesla’s Model Y Just Dominated EV Sales in Norway for August

Photo: u/geniuzdesign

Tesla’s Model Y shipped to European countries for the first time this month, and according to a new update, the electric SUV is doing quite well in one of the most zero-emission vehicle-friendly countries on the continent.

The Tesla Model Y has become the top-selling electric vehicle (EV) in Norway for August just five days into being available in the country, according to data from Elbilstatistikk (via Reddit).

The Model Y has sold a total of 684 units since becoming available, compared to just 559 Model 3 units, 589 Ford Mustang Mach-E units, and 680 Volkswagen ID.4 units.

While the real position of the Model Y in the Norwegian auto market will come to pass over the long term, it’s still an important starting benchmark for the company, as the country is largely considered one of the highest EV-adopting countries in the world – with Norway boasting an impressive 54 percent of all new car sales in 2020.

In sum, the Tesla Model Y’s sales still represent just 0.16 percent of the region’s overall EV market share, compared to the Nissan Leaf, which has sold just 517 in August but has sold 69,680 units in total, and represents a whopping 16.10 percent of the market. The Tesla Model 3 also represents 7 percent of the EV market share, with a total of 30,294 units sold all-time.