Norway Electric Vehicle Sales Took 54% of All New Car Sales in 2020

Zero-emissions vehicles are taking the world by storm, and not even traditional gas car companies can stop it.

Sales of electric vehicles (EVs) reached a record high of 54% of all new vehicle sales in Norway in 2020, according to Market Watch. While it’s certainly good news, it’s not all good, especially for the Tesla Model 3, which lost its top-seller status in spite of an impressive Q4.

This marks the first time in history that Norway has seen more EVs sold than traditional gas cars over the course of an entire year. The Norwegian government also has plans to eliminate petroleum and diesel cars by 2025, one of the most ambitious EV adoption targets we’ve seen yet.

In 2019, battery EVs made up just 42% of total sales, marking a 12% increase year-over-year. While the Tesla Model 3 was the second-best selling car, the top-selling vehicle was the Volkswagen Audi e-Tron, with its ID.3 taking third.

Tesla is also set to launch its Model Y in Norway later in 2021, which is also highly-anticipated and expected to sell well in the market.

2021 is sure to be an electric year, complete with an increasing number of EV releases, new announcements, and, hopefully, EV sales.