Tesla Referral Program to Offer Merchandise, Accessories, Details Code Leak

Tesla’s new v.4.0.0 app arrived on iPhones (on Wednesday) and Android devices on Thursday, and one user took the time to find some new info on upcoming plans for Tesla’s referral program.

One user dug through the APK text in Tesla’s v4.0.0 Android app, and discovered details on a loyalty credit-based referral program, in which it seems point will be gained through purchases and other actions, according to the text shared on Reddit.

The APK text from the app, as shared by u/mishengda on Reddit, details a number of references to “credits,” “loyalty” and the phrases “loyalty credit” and “referral credit.”

In other words, it appears Tesla may soon allow customers to earn credits from referrals, then redeem them for Supercharging miles, merchandise or accessories.

“referral_share_sheet_refer_text”: “Use my referral link to purchase a Tesla product and get free credits you can redeem for awards like Supercharging miles, merchandise and accessories.”,

“referral_shop_now”: “Order Now”,

“referral_superchaging_item_text”: “Supercharging miles are now available in your account.”,

“referral_superchaging_item_title”: “Supercharging Miles Received”,

“referral_supercharging_distance_remaining”: “{{DISTANCE_REMAINING}} remaining”,

“referral_supercharging_km”: “Free Supercharging Kilometers”,

“referral_supercharging_mi”: “Free Supercharging Miles”,

“referral_upgrade_item_text”: “Your car will upgrade while it is in park and on Wi-Fi.”,

“referral_upgrade_item_title”: “Upgrade Received”,

“referral_you_have_credits”: “You Have {{CREDITS_REMAINING}} Credits”,

“referral_credit_history_loyalty_body”: “Thank you for purchasing a {{productName}}. We appreciate your loyalty.”,

“referral_credit_history_loyalty_credit”: “Loyalty Credit”,

“referral_credit_history_loyalty_header”: “Loyalty Credit Received”,

“referral_credit_history_referral_body”: “Your referral purchased a {{productName}}. Credits are now available in your account.”,

“referral_credit_history_referral_header”: “Referral Credit Received”,

The user also pointed out that these referral strings were not a part of the APK in Tesla’s app v.3.10.14, meaning that this would be the first time Tesla included the information natively within the app itself.

It’s unclear if these referral program changes will be coming soon, but the code seems to suggest the new perks may be coming soon.

Currently, Tesla’s referral program offers 1,000 free Supercharging miles, when new owners use a friend’s link to purchase a new car.