Tesla Model Y Didn’t Cause House Fire in Texas, Reveals Dashcam Footage



Photo: via @GreenTheOnly

A recent house fire in Dallas, Texas, was prematurely concluded to be caused by a Tesla Model Y, as reported in a viral video by @DallasTexasTV.

But now, the truth has surfaced, as the USB drive was recovered from the Tesla Model Y’s glove box. The Tesla vehicle footage shows up-close views of the house fire, according to a video shared by @GreenTheOnly on Thursday.

The Model Y was later destroyed, though the fire started in the household and the vehicle’s battery pack was preserved in nearly pristine condition.

Photo: IAAI via @GreenTheOnly

The video, which was taken at multiple angles by some of Tesla’s exterior cameras, some of which were also shared in the thread, depicts smoke billowing from the nearby household, though the Tesla itself was seemingly not on fire at the time of recording.

In the video, a person can also be seen gathering objects from the backyard, presumably to evacuate the premises shortly after.

Green also shared pictures of the high-voltage battery pack itself, which was shown to be mostly intact despite the damage.

Photo: via @GreenTheOnly

Looking at the image of the salvaged Tesla battery pack, it’s a testament to the company’s engineering as it remained intact during the house fire, which it did not cause.

While Tesla owners have reported an increase in break-ins with the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, and Tesla’s Sentry Mode cameras have often helped to catch or deter thieves and vandals, this is the first account we’ve come across of the vehicle’s cameras catching footage of a house fire.


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