Tesla Model S Plaid in Stock at Select U.S. Cities Right Now



Model s plaid stock

Tesla’s Model S Plaid is in stock right now at select cities in the United States right, offering the vehicle for immediate purchase instead of waiting until spring of 2022 for new orders.

According to @SawyerMerritt, in the New York Metro area for example, there were 9 Model S Plaid vehicles available for purchase. Merritt ordered a Model S Plaid to ensure the stock showing wasn’t an error, and did indeed secure the car, as a VIN and estimated delivery date of August 28 was provided.

So far, Model S Plaid inventory has been spotted in the following U.S. cities, but there could be more available:

  • Chicago
  • Orlando
  • NY Metro
  • Los Angeles
  • Bay Area
  • Atlanta
  • Phoenix
  • Portland
  • Charlotte

Others replying noted there were more Model S refresh vehicles available, in particular a Long Range in Seattle, Washington.

This is one of those ‘buy now, think later’ moments if you’ve been waiting for a Model S refresh.

Given how existing Model S Plaid reservation holders are still waiting for their vehicles, it seems odd Tesla has inventory for others to buy immediately at its showrooms. Let us know where you are seeing the Model S Plaid available for immediate purchase.


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