Tesla Model S Plaid Sets Track Record at Buttonwillow Raceway [VIDEO]



Photo: Unplugged Performance

The Tesla Model S Plaid has received rave reviews for its quick launch and impressive speeds, and despite the fact that it’s an electric vehicle (EV), it’s already breaking some records.

Unplugged Performance released a video on Wednesday showing footage from its first run with “Dark Helmet,” a Tesla Model S Plaid, taking place with driver Craig Coker at Buttonwillow Raceway in California.

The vehicle lands multiple benchmarks at the site, including an EV record of 1:47.82 on the track – despite the weather reaching a blistering 112 degrees Fahrenheit.

The video shows the Model S Plaid from the top-down, showing off an impressive Plaid animation design on the car’s top. Beyond that, the video shows footage from inside the car with Coker, depicting how quick – and scary – the EV’s driving actually is.

The video also includes overlaid footage of the car from outside, which corroborates how fast the Model S Plaid looks to be going.

Coker also landed a new Tesla Model 3 record at Laguna Seca earlier this month complete with a Tesla Corsa body kit. During the event, fellow Tesla driver Randy Pobst also set records for the fastest EV lap at the California raceway.

You can watch Coker’s full record-breaking run in “Dark Helmet” at Buttonwillow Raceway below.


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