Jay Leno Sells His 2015 Tesla Model S to Florida Resident



Jay leno model s nathan davis

Comedian and car enthusiast Jay Leno recently purchased a Tesla Model S Plaid, and now he’s sold off his other electric car from Elon Musk’s company.

According to Florida resident Nathan D., he purchased Leno’s 2015 Model S P90D on the weekend.

“Jay Leno’s 2015 Model S P90D w/ Ludicrous Mode has a new garage. I just completed a 2500 mile road trip from Burbank, CA to Ft Myers, FL after purchasing Jay’s Tesla,” wrote Nathan on Facebook.

“Most of you are aware that Jay Leno recently bought a new Plaid. The car I bought is the older Sister. It’s the same color, but his Plaid has Black wheels,” he said.

Jay leno model s nathan davis 2

The new owner of Leno’s Model S says the vehicle only had 23,000 miles, has the Ludicrous Speed upgrade, 21-inch Silver Turbine wheels, premium interior and audio upgrades, smart air suspension, carbon fiber trim and is also autographed by Leno.

Jay leno model s dash
“Jay Leno is an extraordinary person who is gracious with his time and care. He hasn’t sold a car in 30 years, so this was an amazing opportunity and experience,” explained Nathan.

“I should also mention that everyone around Jay Leno were also very helpful and were wonderful to work with. It was a little intimidating initially but they were all awesome,” detailed the new Tesla owner.

Nathan also said he also got a tour of Leno’s car collection, saying the comedian was a “very nice guy” and it was a “once in a lifetime experience.”

According to the vehicle listing on Bring A Trailer, the Deep Blue Metallic Model S sold on July 9 for $95,500 USD and the odometer had 23,000 miles. The car sold included a copy of the Tesla purchase agreement, plus “charging cable, recent service records, a collection of Jay Leno’s Garage car care products, and a clean California title in Mr. Leno’s name.”

Leno received his Model S back on August 10, 2015, details the vehicle purchase agreement, with the car total cost at $140,200 USD after destination and documentation fees–and after $34,000 in upgrades.


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