Rumor: Tesla May Use China’s BYD ‘Blade Battery’ in 2022

As competition continues to mount in China’s robust electric vehicle (EV) market, a new rumor from multiple credible sources claims Tesla may be receiving a new type of battery from a fellow competitor turned supplier.

According to multiple sources, the Warren Buffett-backed automaker BYD is expected to provide Tesla with Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) “blade batteries” beginning as soon as Q2 2022 (via @Ray4Tesla).

The rumor includes news that Tesla vehicles with the LFP blade battery are already C-sample testing the new technology.

The “blade” is reportedly in reference to the battery’s shape, and while it isn’t clear exactly why Tesla may be going for the battery, it’s also clear that EV demand is higher than ever – so it’s likely Tesla is just looking to produce as many cars as possible, regardless of battery.

Another user posited that the batteries could be used for the potential of compact, $25,000 Tesla model that has been rumored to have a complete prototype already.

BYD remains one of Tesla’s primary competitors in China, alongside the likes of NIOXpeng Motors, and Li Auto, among a number of other automakers producing EVs.

It’s unclear as of yet as to whether the rumor is true, so take this with a grain of salt.