Tesla Cabin Camera Update Launches for Model Y in Canada, Joining Model 3



Image: Tesla

According to Kaushik VR (@kkvr2823), founder of the ByteofWhy podcast, Tesla has enabled the in-cabin camera for the Model Y in Canada with software update 2021.12.25.7, which started rolling out on Wednesday.

Canadian Model Y units now join their Model 3 brethren, which had their in-cabin cameras enabled previously in software update 2021.12.25.6. With the Wednesday update, non-Tesla Vision units of both models will now have the built-in cabin cameras above the rear-view mirrors actually serve a purpose.

If owners choose to enable the cabin camera, Tesla will automatically capture a series of images and a short video clip prior to a collision or any kind of safety event, and transmit the data to its engineers. The data is intended to help engineers develop safety features and introduce improvements.

Users can control what data their Tesla’s in-cabin camera shares by going to Controls Safety & Security > DATA SHARINGAllow Cabin Camera Analytics.

With update 2021.12.25.7, the cabin camera can now also detect driver inattentiveness while Autopilot is enabled (and issue alerts accordingly), but that feature is limited to radar-less Model 3 and Model Y variants with Tesla Vision Autopilot.


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