2021 Tesla Model S Long Range Reviewed in Detail [VIDEO]



Photo: Jon Rettinger

While the Tesla Model S Plaid has easily dominated headlines since its June release, one analyst posits that another variant of the vehicle may be worth taking another look at.

On Tuesday, Jon Rettinger released a new video looking at the Model S Long Range, which came out as a refreshed variant of the Model S earlier this year.

The Plaid model, however, just came out last month at a Tesla delivery event that took place at the company’s Fremont factory, and Jon posits that most consumers will end up going with the Long Range variant instead.

Jon’s video offers up what it calls “50+ things you need to know about the Model S Long Range,” the first of which focuses on the steering yoke.

The steering yoke was released earlier this year with the Model S variant, and the steering yoke caused quite a stir with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Still, many users have gotten used to it and even said they prefer the steering yoke to a wheel after some time using it.

In the video, Jon inspects nearly every aspect of the Tesla Model S Long Range, including how it drives, the user interface and available apps, the interior, and an array of other topics.

Yesterday, new Model S and Model X estimated delivery dates were pushed back, with some configurations reaching 2022.


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