2021 Tesla Model X Refresh Spotted at Fremont Factory Store [VIDEO]

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According to YouTube channel Tesla Russ, a new Tesla Model X refresh was spotted charging outside the Fremont Factory Store in California.

While Russ refers to the vehicle as a Model X Plaid, it’s unclear from the video if whether or not this is just a Long Range version with 22-inch Turbine Wheels.

The video shows the exterior of the Model X, a quick glimpse at the cream-coloured interior showing a yoke steering wheel, but right when he is about to film the rear, the owner shows up and the video stops.

“I saw a Plaid Model X charging at the Fremont Factory Store on July 26, 2021. I took half a walkaround video before the “owner” returned,” explained Tesla Russ.

“He told me he’s in product marketing. We chatted about Model X, me telling him I leased one of the earliest P 90D’s in March 2016 and cannot wait for the new X. He asked if I have an X reservation (yes), then asked if I’m going to buy a Model S Plaid. I told him my wife likes to sit up higher (no). (In reality, we are considering a Model X Long Range or Tesla Cybertruck Tri-Motor for our next utility vehicle),” added Russ.

Russ says he asked if the Model X would be available soon or not, and that’s when the apparent manager smiled and said “soon”, adding, “I’m the Model S and Model X Program Manager so I should know”.

Just this evening, new Tesla Model X and Model S refresh order estimated delivery dates were pushed back, as far back as 2022, depending on the configuration.

While Tesla has already started delivering its Model S refresh, the new Model X has still yet to be delivered to customers that placed the first pre-orders.