Tesla Updates Model 3/Y Door Release Buttons, Hints Website



Image: Tesla

A thread posted to Reddit on Friday highlights the possibility of the 2021 Model Y and the 2021 Model 3 getting yet another new icon for the electric door release button — an arrowhead pointing towards the direction the door is supposed to open.

Image: Tesla

Originally, the door release buttons on the Model 3 and Model Y had the same “—” symbol on them as the power window buttons, which was admittedly less than ideal. With the launch of the refreshed 2021 Model 3, the icons were updated to a graphic of a car with an open door, which was much more apt.

According to Redditors on the thread in question, the new arrowhead symbols would not be as clear and universally understandable as the current ‘car with an open door’ icons, but would surely serve to communicate that, once the button has been pressed, the door is supposed to pushed open in the inscribed direction.

Redditors admitted that passengers often don’t know they’re supposed to push the door open, as pressing the door release button also slightly lowers the window (which it does in order to protect the window trim from impacts as the door is opened and closed).

One Redditor also advised not to put too much stock into this possibility, pointing out that the images are shoddily put together — the same image that features the “new” arrowhead icons on the door release buttons also depicts the new refreshed door trim, but old User Interface on the center console.

Tesla owners have also taken to Amazon to buy proper door release button stickers, to help new passengers figure out how the heck to open a door on the Model 3 and Model Y.

Tesla recently upped the sticker price on the Long Range variants of both the 2021 Model 3, and the 2021 Model Y by $1,000 USD. As of this writing, the Model 3 Long Range carries a base price of $49,990 USD, and the Model Y Long Range costs $53,990 USD.


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