Tesla Has Caused Two-Thirds of All Personal and Professional Pain for Elon Musk

Photo: Vanity Fair

Tesla CEO Elon Musk spoke at The B Word Bitcoin conference earlier this week, and despite having built an impressive career from his companies Tesla and SpaceX, Musk also emphasized the difficulty Tesla has caused to his life.

On Wednesday at The B Word conference, Musk said that Tesla may be able to play a role in Bitcoin’s transition to clean energy, going on to say that the company has caused “two-thirds of his personal and professional pain,” according to CNBC. The comments came in response to Steve Lee asking Musk if Tesla could help play a role in cryptocurrency’s transition to clean energy.

In response to the question, Musk said, “Well, I think Tesla can play a role.” Musk continued, “I would say I’ve had some pretty tough life experiences and Tesla’s probably responsible for two-thirds of all personal and professional pain combined to give you a sense of perspective there.”

In addition to his wistful words, Musk went on to say that Tesla isn’t yet manufacturing 4680 battery cells at volume, at which point it will become easier to accelerate electric vehicle (EV) production as well as help transition Bitcoin to clean energy.

Musk also stated during the conference that Tesla has sold Maxwell Technologies to UCap Power, which was originally acquired by Tesla in 2019.