Watch Tesla Full-Self Driving Beta 9 Drive Around Seattle [VIDEO]



Photo: HyperChange

Tesla put out its Full Self-Driving beta version 9 software last week, and one beta tester has just released footage of a zero-intervention drive through one American city’s downtown.

On Monday, HyperChange shared footage of Tesla’s FSD beta version 9, a radar-free semi-autonomous driving software that makes use of cameras for sensors. The drive, which the host takes to a sandwich shop in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle in Washington state, sees zero human interventions, despite the fact that the driver still needs to remain alert and ready to take over at any moment.

While the FSD system doesn’t require any interventions on the drive, it does make a few hardly-necessary and overly-cautious stops, as well as requiring a touch of the gas pedal when the system isn’t quite confident enough on its own, and almost “changing lanes” once on a two-lane road – which the driver quickly corrects without the system disengaging.

Still, even with a few small hiccups, we can see that the software has already improved greatly since its release last week, with it depicting no major concerns or safety violations.

You can watch HyperChange’s full zero-intervention drive through downtown Seattle below, especially if you want a look at how impressive the radar-less technology really is, even in its infancy.

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