First Drive Roundup: Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta v9.0 [VIDEOS]



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Chuck Cook testing FSD beta v9.0

As promised, Tesla released its Full Self-Driving beta v9.0 to beta testers last night, with software version 2021.4.18.12. So far, we’re seeing early beta testers share their videos of how FSD beta v9 fares.

FSD beta v9 uses Tesla Vision, which relies only on cameras and no longer radar, while on-screen visualizations now show a beautiful layout of vehicles and objects.

Check out the following videos we’ve found for you to check out below. Beta testers started driving with FSD beta v9 in the middle of the night, as the software was made available to download at midnight PDT:


My Tesla Adventure


Dirty Tesla


Chuck Cook

Trevor Mahlmann

James Locke

Tesla Owners Silicon Valley

Roger K.


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