Tesla Motors Ireland Doubles Profits Despite COVID-19 Lockdown

Last December, it had been 1,000 days since Ireland had seen its last new Supercharger station, but a new report suggests that the lack of new charging builds didn’t affect the high amount of vehicles sold within the same year.

Tesla Motors Ireland Ltd gained €40.2 million ($47.46 million USD) in profits through 2020, according to The Irish Times. The company’s Irish arm also saw an operating profit of €694,096 ($819,533 USD), up from just €316,151 ($373,285 USD) in 2019, also jumping to 785 total units sold in 2020, compared to just 270 in 2019.

Tesla also held deposits of €863,089 ($1,019,066 USD) at the end of last year, representing deposits for Tesla customers awaiting their new vehicles.

The news comes despite a huge wave of COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns, which took place beginning in the Spring of 2020 and many of them lasting throughout much of the year. The surging sales have also continued into 2021, with the country already having seen as many as 591 new cars registered as of July 13.

Tesla Ireland is a subsidiary of Netherlands-based Tesla International, with the parent company of the latter being Tesla in the United States.

A new Supercharger station was also built in Cork in recent weeks, marking the region’s fifth Supercharger location with as many as 34 now available throughout the country.

Volkswagen remains Ireland’s best-selling car brand, with a total of 1,796 registrations so far this year, while Tesla holds the second-place spot.