Watch a Full Tesla Solar Roof Install [VIDEO]



Photo: American Contractor Show

In a new video shared last month by American Contractor Show, we can see a full Tesla Solar Roof being installed, solar panel by solar panel. The hosts talk through the process, while emphasizing the simplicity of having hardware that is all made by Tesla.

One of the hosts said, “It’s so cool because everything is built by Tesla. You think of a normal roof system you could have four or five different manufacturers on a single roof system.” The host continued, “Whereas here, everything is built by Tesla, which is so cool because it’s so much engineering that goes into that.”

One of Tesla’s Solar Roof partners is Weddle and Sons Roofing. CEO Elon Musk recently replied to say, “Working with Weddle and Sons Roofing has been a great collaboration for accelerating Tesla Solar Roof installation!”.

“This is a lot of work, as tens of millions of homes need solar roofs! If you are a roofing company, please consider adding Solar Roof to your offerings,” added Musk.

The video comes amidst multiple solar-related lawsuits for Tesla, one in which CEO Elon Musk is defending Tesla’s purchase of SolarCity, and another which has become a class-action lawsuit in California due to solar install price increases after contracts were already signed.

In any case, despite the high price tag and the potentially negative result on Tesla (TSLA) shareholders of the company purchasing SolarCity – which was run by Musk’s cousins – the solar roof system is well worth the cost if you don’t mind being upcharged a bit.

You can watch the full Tesla Solar Roof install from American Contractor Show here.

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