Tesla Details its Latest Autopilot Supercomputer



Advanced driver assistance systems like Tesla’s Autopilot use a lot of hardware to collect, store and use data, as shown in a recent post from one of Tesla’s engineering managers.

Tesla Autopilot Artificial Intelligence Engineering Manager Tim Zaman shared photos from of the company’s third and most recent cluster of Autopilot supercomputers (via u/tsla4k).

The computers include a total of 720 nodes of 8x 80 GB A100 GPUs totaling 5,760 units, as well as 10 PB of “hot tier” NVME storage, running at 1.6 TBps.

In the post, Zaman also said the company was “scaling fast and hiring,” and to DM him if interested. Specifically, Zaman went on to list those with skills in CPP, GPUs, CUDA, React, DevOps, or SRE – including a link to the streamed CVPR 2021 Autonomous Driving Workshop from which the shots came.

Hosted by Tesla Senior Director of Artificial Intelligence Tesla Andrej Karpathy, the video explains how large-scale computing relates to any automakers looking to succeed in autonomous driving.

The video also included a line of text encouraging onlookers to reach out to “help us build & maintain the cluster,” including the email supercomputing@tesla.com, to which interested parties can reach out with job candidate information.

Tesla recently started rolling out vehicles with camera-based vision, rather than its previous vehicles which were outfitted with some radar hardware elements.


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