2021 Tesla AI Day to Take Place in July or August, Says Elon Musk

Tesla plans to hold its Tesla Artificial Intelligence Day event “in about a month or so,” according to CEO Elon Musk on Monday. That would mean an event on July 21 or into early August.

“Looking at holding Tesla AI Day in about a month or so. Will go over progress with Tesla AI software & hardware, both training & inference,” said Musk, just moments ago.

As for the Tesla AI Day event itself, Musk says its “purpose is recruiting.”

Earlier today we learned about Tesla’s latest Autopilot supercomputer.

Tesla’s Director of AI, Andrej Karpathy, said, “Gave a talk at CVPR over the weekend on our recent work at Tesla Autopilot to estimate very accurate depth, velocity, acceleration with neural nets from vision. Necessary ingredients include: 1M car fleet data engine, strong AI team and a Supercomputer.”

Musk followed up to say, “In general, anyone interested in working on physical-word AI problems, should consider joining Tesla. Fastest path to deploying your ideas [in real life].”

Back in April, Musk was asked by a fan when we could expect AI day, and the CEO responded, “probably late July”. Based on the latest info on Monday, it appears Tesla’s timeline may be on schedule for once (many are still waiting for Tesla software V11 and FSD expansion).