Tesla Owners Claim 10-Month-Old Son Bought $10,000 Full Self-Driving Upgrade via App



Image: User “@stayfitstaylit” on TikTok

TikTok user@stayfitstaylit recently went viral after she posted a video claiming that her 10-month-old son purchased the $10,000 USD Full Self-Driving upgrade for her car in the Tesla app by accident.

The mom says she and her husband didn’t find out about the purchase until it appeared on their bank statement, and by then it was too late to request a refund from Tesla as the company only provides refunds on upgrades within 48 hours of purchase.

“Why isn’t there a password or a security measure before you could make this purchase?” she asked in the video.

Late last year, another Tesla owner accidentally “butt-dialed” a $4,280 USD Autopilot upgrade for his car in the Tesla app. Thankfully, he realized his mistake in time and directed his bank to stop the payment from going through.

Naturally, @stayfitstaylit‘s claims were met with significant skepticism online — from people outright refusing to believe her to asking why her bank didn’t contact her for confirmation before approving a payment that large (as banks usually do).

In response, @stayfitstaylit uploaded another video from the driver’s seat of her Tesla, saying:

The way Tesla works is, when you purchase a car, you will have an account with Tesla. So when you need to take your car to the service center to get anything repaired, they will have it all on file in your account. So you have a card and bank account hooked up to your Tesla app. I mean, if you have a Tesla app you can go and see for yourself. But it’s not a lie.

Regardless of whether or not the world believes her story, it doesn’t look like she (or her husband) have any regrets. The user’s TikTok bio now reads the following:

Yes my son purchased the self driving & NO WE ARE NOT MAD

Well, if reports of Tesla upping the price of the Full Self-Driving upgrade to $14,000 USD soon end up being true and the couple was considering getting the upgrade anyway, @stayfitstaylit‘s son may have just saved his parents $4,000 USD.


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