Tesla’s Communication Over Model S Plaid Criticized as ‘Extremely Dishonest’

In a post from u/xdert on Reddit on Monday, the user says they thought Tesla’s communication surrounding the Model S Plaid has been “extremely dishonest. The post, which was shared on the Tesla Motors subreddit, cited concerns about Tesla’s dishonesty relating to the company’s advertising of the Model S Plaid’s 0 to 60 speeds, the screen tilt, gaming capabilities, and the cancellation of the Plaid+, all of which were not released quite as Tesla claimed they would be.

At the end of the post, the user said, “I am a Tesla owner and generally very happy and still think that Tesla is the best EV manufacturer but I must say that I become increasingly frustrated with the stuff coming out of Elon’s mouth because at this point I just have to stop believing everything he says.”

Of the concerns cited, the first is that the 0 to 60 speed shared for the Model S Plaid technically includes one foot of rollout for the Model S Plaid but not for the Long Range Model S speed cited on the company’s website.

In addition, the user shared that, despite reports of Tesla’s automatically tilting infotainment screen, the Model S Plaid screen cannot be moved manually or automatically, and that the ability to do so will come in a future update.

The user also explained that Tesla’s Model S Plaid automatic shifting is in a beta mode and can currently only shift out of park, meaning the user still needs to use the onscreen shifter in most cases. As far as the gaming in a Tesla goes, Cyberpunk and Witcher 3 have both been advertised, though neither are currently available as of yet.

Lastly, the user also shared that “Tesla is hiding something here,” with regards to the company’s last-minute cancellation of the upgraded Plaid+ variant.