Tesla Needs Your Help to Achieve Direct Sales in Delaware



Photo: u/Kuriente

The saga of Tesla’s right to sell in certain states is ongoing, following odd reports that the company may need to ship its Texas-built cars out of state to sell to local residents.

In a new update for Delaware residents on Wednesday, Tesla sent emails to owners and fans in Delaware, informing them of the Delaware Department of Transportation’s (DDOT’s) issuance of an “intent to Deny” on Tesla’s sales license application (via Reddit).

The application, if denied, would effectively stop Tesla from being able to sell its cars, since it is not a franchised dealer like legacy automakers such as Ford and General Motors (GM), among others.

Tesla says that the disapproval of the license is currently being appealed, but that the license will be necessary for allowing them to sell vehicles in the state, and to prevent requirements forcing buyers from traveling out of the state to purchase Tesla and other electric vehicle (EV) makers’ cars.

In other states, Tesla has joined with Rivian and Lucid to fight direct sales laws, and has even found success in some important markets.

In the email, Tesla writes, “Please consider contacting the Governor’s office to make your voice heard and share your thoughts about DelDOT keeping Tesla out of Delaware.” The email continues, “Remind them that Delaware needs more jobs, more competition, more innovation, and more electric vehicles, not less.”


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