Shocking Tesla vs Supra Street Race Hits 172 km/h in Vancouver [VIDEO]



Vancouver Police in British Columbia, Canada, are looking for drivers involved in a racing incident after the driver of what appears to be a Tesla Model Y posted footage of the event to social media.

On Monday, Vancouver Police Sergeant Mark Christensen shared an Instagram video to Twitter, depicting the driver of what appears to be a Tesla Model Y filming while engaged in a street race with a Toyota Supra MKV. The Tesla driver swerves into oncoming traffic in the dangerous race, twice.

In the post, Christensen emphasized that the drivers “can expect a visit” from the police department, saying that they had already identified the Tesla and were still working on identifying the Supra MKV.

In the post, Christensen said, “When you post this to social media… going 170 kmh in Vancouver, I will guarantee you that one of your “friends” will rat you out! We have identified the Tesla…working on Supra, you can expect a visit from us in the near future!

The video ends with the Tesla display showing a shocking speed of 172 km/h (106 mph).

According to one user on the thread, the race seems to have taken place at Fraser Street southbound near 49th Avenue in east Vancouver, and the footage was shared in an Instagram story from user @blackwidow_y, which as expected has been shut down by its owner.

The video is shocking to see as Fraser Street is a busy city area and it’s unbelievable nobody was hurt or killed, due to these reckless drivers.


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