Elon Musk Poll Asks: ‘Do You Want Tesla to Accept Doge?’



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On early Tuesday morning, Elon Musk asked on Twitter, “do you want Tesla to accept Doge?”, referring to the cryptocurrency Dogecoin.

The poll so far has received over 2.4 million votes, with 77% favouring ‘yes’ and 23% saying ‘no’.

After the Tesla CEO hosted SNL on Saturday, the day after, Musk’s other company SpaceX made a surprise announcement saying it would accept the cryptocurrency Dogecoin, for a lunar satellite mission in Q1 2021.

Ever since SpaceX said it would be paid with Dogecoin for the DOGE-1 lunar mission, many have speculated it would only be natural for Tesla to accept Dogecoin as payment, with the latter joining Bitcoin.

It’s unclear if Musk is being serious about Tesla accepting Doge, but he has been bullish on the cryptocurrency for a while now. His tweet asking the question sent Doge shares spiking up 20%, before falling back down to $0.50 USD per coin as of writing.

For now, there are still 18 hours left in his Twitter poll asking the question.

Would you like Tesla to accept Dogecoin as payment in the future?


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