LAZ Parking to Install 500 Tesla Chargers at Lots Across the U.S.



LAZ Parking has announced the addition of 500 new Tesla chargers, coming to LAZ Parking locations across the United States. Company officials said over 85% of its electric vehicle (EV) users across the U.S. are Tesla vehicles, emphasizing the reasoning for the addition of Tesla’s charging systems.

The initial launch of the Tesla Superchargers in LAZ Parking lots will include residential, commercial, hotel, and retail locations as the company’s main focal point.

LAZ Chairman and CEO Alan Lazowski said in a statement, “Providing value for our clients and customers is, and always has been, at the heart of everything we do as a company.”

Lazowski continued, “This initiative recognizes the rapid growth of the electric vehicle market and positions our clients to meet the fast-growing demand for charging stations. At the same time, it provides clients with a way to implement these upgrades at a significantly reduced cost while benefitting from the revenue generated from the use of chargers.”

LAZ plans to use Tesla chargers to help attract Tesla drivers to its parking garages through the Tesla app and in-car screens while generating incremental revenue for clients it directly partners with.

Last week, Electrify America announced its 600th EV charger, along with updated plans for significant expansion.

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